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Looking to Earn the Loyalty of Tech-Savvy Restaurant Customers?

If diners are your bread & butter, you can improve your profitability by understanding how consumers are leveraging official restaurant and third-party delivery apps.
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It’s no surprise that when COVID-19 hit, many had to rethink their restaurant dining habits and more restaurant food was enjoyed from the comfort of home, instead of a cozy booth. To maximize convenience, consumers began leaning more heavily on restaurant and third-party delivery apps to get their fix of their favorite dishes. What are the key benefits driving users to lean on these apps?

Convenience & Loyalty Benefits Are Clutch!

Users of official restaurant apps indicate these attributes hold most sway:

  • Earning/receiving discounts & perks as a loyalty program member
  • The convenience of ordering directly from a restaurant (not a third-party app)
  • The convenience of placing an order without having to pick up the phone
  • Food is ready sooner when ordering directly from the restaurant app

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