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Spring is here and home renovations are in full bloom! Our homeowners are looking for a refresh as opportunities for entertaining are on the rise.
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Shopping Is in Full Bloom:

Home & Garden Consumer Considerations
Home & Garden Purchases Require Some Research…

80% of those who have made a recent home & garden purchase online say they generally visit 2–5 websites before choosing which retailer to buy from.

According to our browser data, in the past
three months, 45% of those who visited Lowe’s website also visited Home Depot’s website
on the same day.

…and Both Quantity & Quality Reign Supreme!

When choosing a retailer to purchase home & garden items from, the following factors hold the most sway:

  • Selection of products available
  • Superior product quality
  • Free shipping
  • Selection of brands available

From Cooking Gourmet Meals to Keeping the House Clean:These Appliances Top Consumers’ “Ready to Buy” Lists!

Around two-thirds express some interest in purchasing appliances in the next six months with the most “in demand” appliances including:
Vacuum Cleaners
Air Fryers
Washing Machines

Proven Track Record with:


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