We’re getting excited for our next conference, Category Management in Dallas February 24-26. In addition to serving as a sponsor and showcasing a booth, we’ll be presenting a session at 11am on Feb 25th in Breakout Room #1: A Perfect Pair: Using Receipt and Survey Data to Understand the Groceries that Fill Consumer Shelves.

We chatted with one of our speakers, Maureen Lawer, Senior Director, Data Solutions (a skilled new addition to our team!) about her background, what drew her to Prodege, and what has her excited about the upcoming conference.

Maureen has an extensive background that includes more than a few familiar names. “I was fortunate to join IRI when store-level census data was just coming into the mix, so it was a great time to be on the data supplier side.  After IRI, I transitioned into Category Management and spent time at Coors Brewing Company, Pepsico and Colgate-Palmolive. Catman offered me the opportunity to work with the market research, brand marketing, innovation, global research and sales teams at these companies….Most recently, I spent time at Numerator selling their various platform products to retailers across the US.”

Maureen Lawer

Prodege’s impressive reach and range of solutions were a big draw to Maureen. She expands:  “I see a huge opportunity for us to take our sample & survey solutions, layer on our receipt capture data and provide clients an opportunity to reconnect with those specific members/shoppers. This is something that no one else in the industry is able to provide through just one supplier. Our loyal member base is something that clients respect, and expect, when doing research.”

In addition to attending CatMan several times, Maureen also served on the committee that created the analytic standards for the CMA Certification program. This year, in addition to reconnecting with former colleagues, Maureen is looking forward to presenting on Prodege’s verified purchase data and holistic solutions to provide CPG brands and retailers with valuable insights about today’s consumers.

If you’ll be attending Category Management next week, please check out our session on February 25th at 11am and also visit us at Booth #22!

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