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Recession-Proof Your Practice: New Research Reveals Highest Value Products & Services

Recession-Proof Your Practice: New Research Reveals Highest Value Products & Services

As consumer spending habits shift due to economic/inflationary pressures, the eye care industry—practices, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers alike—is projected to be directly affected, especially when it comes to discretionary purchases of goods and services. As part of its ongoing research-centric See Tomorrow initiative, which responsibly advances contact lenses as a vision correction option, the Contact Lens Institute is conducting a study about the comparative value of contact lenses versus ophthalmic and non-ophthalmic discretionary products and services that will be (and already are) competing for U.S. adults’ share of wallets. This is a unique, highly practical measure that will help individual eye care professionals adjust and shape business practices and patient interactions to mitigate projected consumer spending downturns—and, in turn, aid the entire industry. With the data planned to be fielded in August 2022, Vision Expo West will mark the debut of the findings and insights—timely, high-worth content that attendees will see before anyone else. This session is designed to deliver maximum impact in the shortest possible time on the Innovation Stage, providing perspectives from a consumer research expert paired with three optometrists—all designated as 2022 Contact Lens Institute Visionaries for their industry leadership—who work across the spectrum of eye care. Alongside the data will be practical, real world tips for converting the new data into action by attendees—news they can use. Innovation begins with information—and there will be no better place to hear and understand it (and show the immense value of attending Vision Expo West) than mid-September in Las Vegas.

Luke Kulik

Senior Director of Sales

Prodege, LLC

Sep 15


2022 Vision Expo West Innovation Stage

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