From Buying Sample to Working Directly with a Global Panel

Blog, ProdegeMR - May 21st, 2019

I spent many years working as a data analyst at a brand and communications research consultancy where we conducted an impressive number of ad and concept tests. Week in and week out, we’d partner with sample suppliers and “buy survey completes” which met the very specific quota and screening requirements our clients required. As I was a bit removed from the process of acquiring the sample, the survey completes were a constant that I took for granted.

I always enjoyed reading through open-ended responses to select verbatims to personalize my research reports. However, I would read the results through the lens of “what segment does this respondent fall in?”, not “who is this unique person who took time out of their busy day to provide their insights?”.

My perspective shifted notably when I began working at ProdegeMR, home of a proprietary global panel with a reach of over 100 million respondents.

As I learned more about ProdegeMR’s Respondent First approach, I gained a better understanding of the time commitment our panelists put in and the value each member provides to the wide range of research we field. I realize now that it’s no easy feat to keep such a vast number of people motivated to provide their honest opinions. ProdegeMR’s unique retention model and appreciation for each member’s contributions results in quick turnaround, high re-contact rates, and detailed, authentic responses to open-ended questions. I now fully grasp that a completed survey is so much more than a tally mark in a quota box. Rather, it’s a thoughtful and important effort that brings us one step closer to a fully fielded project.

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Bess Devenow

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