Process Your Data

Customize your data tables export settings


Step 1

To define your data tables export settings, select Export > “Export settings”


Step 2

NOTE: The following settings shown in the screenshots here are what we recommend you set as default. However, you may want to change this.

  1. You are able to include a Table of Contents
  2. Choose whether to view each question on a separate Excel Tab or all on one Excel Tab
  3. Select to include traditional Column Stat testing. You can choose 90% / 95% / 99% level of confidence

Step 3

  1. You can select whether to include counts as well (both Unweighted and Weighted if relevant)
  2. Select whether you want to include your Unweighted and Weighted base (if relevant)
  3. Select where your Base will appear
  4. Click “Save”

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