How to Prepare for a Successful Black Friday

How to Prepare for a Successful Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here, but don’t wait until that week to plan. We’ve gathered a list of the ads that have already leaked, a few of the shipping offers and some great shopping tips!

Here is how to prepare for a successful Black Friday:

Black Friday Tips

  1. Compare In-Store and Online Prices. Try not to let the change from everyday prices sway you into buying into Black Friday deals. While they can offer deep discounts, not all deals are that amazing. So it is worth checking online for better deals in-store and online for the same items. However, online stores may have additional shipping costs, so take that into account as well
  2. Check Shipping Charges. Many stores will offer great shipping deals, and it is worth taking advantage of them. While one online retailer might offer free standard shipping (which can take longer), another store might offer free 2-day shipping on orders $50 or more.
  3. Make a List of when different retailers are putting things the items you want on sale. With sales starting earlier in the week and often lasting even a few days later, it can get confusing. But by making a list, with the prices, you can be sure you are maximizing your shopping time and dollars. You may find that one store has an item at a slightly lower price but you it’s the only item you want that day. So paying a few dollars more at another store you’re already shopping will actually save you money.
  4. Search for Coupons. Many of the retailers offer coupons for online sales or their in-store sales. You can find often find these coupons on the retailer’s website or in the Black Friday ad itself. Also, check out the retailer’s app too; many stores will offer the coupons through their app or have additional coupons for use.
  5. Don’t Forget the Cash Back. When shopping online, you can save even more by activating cash back through This lowers your overall spend even further when you get your cash back.

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