Moneyball? Youth Sports Don’t Have to Be: 6 Ways to Score Cheaper Sporting Goods

News - March 1st, 2019

If you’re a parent, chances are good that you spend most weekends prowling the sidelines of a soccer field or chilling on the bleachers in an ice hockey arena. That’s because according to the State of Play report from the Aspen Institute, more than half of children played a team sport at least one time during 2017.

Make Your Purchases Work for You

If you’re planning to purchase new, try to find a retailer with a loyalty program. For example, the ScoreCard Rewards program at Dick’s Sporting Goods is unusually generous, with points that accumulate quickly and a policy that often lets you use multiple coupons at once. Members receive coupons, are notified of sales and get a rebate check once they’ve spent a certain amount. Another option is to do your online shopping through a site like, where you’ll earn points you can redeem for sporting goods through the rewards store.

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