7.2.Collecting User Data

The project_url field accepts question ID placeholders (referenced in /lookup­-question-­by-­country) which will be replaced by the answer (option_id) for that person. These placeholders are represented in the project_url  in the following syntax:   %q[question_id]%

For example, if you want Prodege to send the person’s gender in your survey link, it would be represented as %q3%

If a question answer is available for that person, the option_id (as referenced in /lookup-­question­-by-­country) will be replaced in the project_url. In the following example, %q3% was replaced with a value of 1 which corresponds to a “Male”.

Multi-select question answers (Ex: question_id= 20: What languages do you speak) will be comma separated when replaced in the URL. Below, the person answered English & Spanish.
will translate to

You can add as many question placeholders, however please note that there is a 2,000 character limit for the entire project_url field.

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