4.4.1.Create Quota

Create Quota
Description Create a quota for an existing project
Request URL Prodege Base URL + /quota-create
Request Method POST


Request Parameters
Parameter Name Parameter Type Description Required?
apik String Your API Key. Yes
request_date Numeric Timestamp in milliseconds (see Authentication). Yes
signature String The signature of your request (see Authentication). Yes
prodege_project_id Numeric The ID that uniquely identifies this project in the Prodege system. Yes
number_of_respondents Numeric The number of respondents targeted for this quota. Yes
targeting_criteria Array JSON array of targeting criteria (see JSON Examples). Yes
quota_name String The descriptive name for this quota. No
calculation_type Numeric When quota should be decremented (1 for Completes, 2 for Clicks, Default: 1). No
Response Parameters
Parameter Name Parameter Type Description
return_status String The return status for this api call
quota_id Numeric The id that uniquely identifies this quota


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