7.5.Error Codes

Below is a list of error  codes that can possibly be returned by the Prodege API:

Error Code Description
 100 Prodege API is currently under maintenance
 101 Unauthorized Access
 102 Expired Request
 103 API rate limit reached
 1001 Invalid value for client_time
 1002 Invalid country_id
 2001 Invalid prodege_project_id
 2002 Invalid project_id
 2003 Project not found
 2004 Duplicate project_id
 2005 Invalid project_type_id
 2006 Invalid value for loi
 2007 Project URL is required for Adhoc surveys
 2008 The project_url field is only used for Adhoc surveys (DEPRECATED)
 2009 Invalid value for cpi
 2010 API user is not allowed to set project cpi
 2011 API user is not allowed to use alphanumeric project_id’s
 2012 Invalid value for status
 2013 Project status cannot be set to LIVE (No quotas)
 2014 No further changes can be made once project is in COMPLETE status
 2015 Non-PENDING projects cannot be set back to PENDING status
 2016 PENDING Projects cannot transition to PAUSED or COMPLETE
 2017 PAUSED Projects can only transition to LIVE or COMPLETE
 2018 Project URL must contain %transid%
 2019 Project URL invalid: url should be properly formatted with http://
 2032 Invalid project URL: must be no more than 255 characters
 2033 Invalid placeholders in project URL: @pl [@pl represents the invalid “q” placeholders that were included in the project URL]
2034 API User is not allowed to set project_incentive
 2035 Invalid value for incentive_amount: must be > 0 and <= cpi
 2036 API user is not allowed to create qualitative surveys
 2037 API User is not allowed to set project_intro
 2038  Value for project_intro must be no more than 500 characters
2039 Value for project_intro must be a valid JSON
2078 Non-pending projects cannot be deleted
 3001 Invalid value for number_of_respondents
 3002 Value for targeting_criteria should be a valid JSON
 3003 Invalid question_id: @q [@q is  a placeholder for the question_id]
 3004 Invalid precode data for question @q: @p [@p is a placeholder for the invalid precodes]
 3005 Quota not found
3010 Quotas with activity cannot be deleted
 4001 Value for reconciliation_entries should be a valid JSON
 4002 Invalid new status  for transaction_id @tr: @st [@tr is  a placeholder for the transaction_id, @st is  a placeholder for the completion_type]
 4003 Invalid transaction_id @tr
 4004 Project not found for transaction_id @tr
 4005 Project is in COMPLETE status. transaction_id: @tr
 4006 Transaction not found
 4007 Project URL not found
 4008 Panelist not found for Recontact project
 4009 Invalid reconciliation entry value: @re
 4010 Invalid panelist_id
4011  API User is not allowed access to pmr-unsigned-transaction-completion
4012  Transaction is not associated with API User on request
4013  Project URL must be provided before the survey can be set to LIVE
4014  Could not retrieve test link from multi link source
4015 Transaction is associated with non-member
4016 Could not create transaction for COMPLETED projects
 5001 Invalid value for expected_incidence_rate
 5002 Invalid country_id Question
 5003 Invalid value for last_login_in_days, should be greater than 0
 5004 Invalid value for panelist_ids
 5005 Invalid value for transaction_ids
 5006 Can not calculate respondents
 5007 You do not have permissions to use last_login_in_days parameter
 6001 Value for panelist_recontacts should be a valid JSON
 6002 Value for transaction_recontacts should be a valid JSON
 6003 Project should be recontact type
 6004 Survey URL: missing url placeholder for transid
 6005 Survey URL: missing url placeholder for panelistid
 6006 Invalid expiration date
 6007 Invalid recontact entry value: @re
 6008 Recontact Project cannot have both Project-level and Panelist-level URLs at the same time
 6009 Recontact Project cannot be missing both Project-level and Panelist-level URLs at the same time


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