2.Getting Started

Acquiring API Credentials

Before using the Prodege API you must acquire a unique API Key and Secret Key. These keys will be used to authenticate your requests to the Prodege API. Details regarding request authentication can be found in the Authentication section of this document. To acquire your API credentials, contact apisupport@prodegemr.com

Staging Environment

The Prodege API has a staging environment that can be used for testing integration with test user accounts.

Staging Prodege user API Key:


Staging Prodege user Secret Key:


Base URL for Prodege API requests to Staging Environment:


Base URL for Prodege API requests to Production Environment:


Important Note:

When directing users to an endpoint, as well as when making calls to an endpoint, please be sure to utilize the secure HTTPS protocol. Using HTTP may lead to compatibility issues, especially on mobile devices, and is not recommended for a seamless experience.

Pre-launch Checklist

  1. Kick-off call with Prodege API Support Team
  2. Integrate API methods. At minimum, the Project Calls and Quota Calls must be integrated
  3. Integrate Transaction Completion method
  4. Integrate Transaction Reconciliation methods
  5. Perform complete integration test against the Staging environment (see Staging Integration Test below)
  6. Receive production credentials
  7. Run single-project full cycle test
  8. Production evaluation call with Prodege API Support Team
  9. Launch integration

Staging Integration Test

Before receiving production credentials, the integration must first be verified in staging. To do so, please create and share with Prodege API Support the prodege_project_id of at least one project in staging that meets the criteria below. 

  1. Project is set to a LIVE status
  2. Contains at least one quota
  3. Successfully redirects to a DQ status
  4. Successfully redirects to a Complete status
  5. Contains buyer_name
  6. Aggregate Conversion is passed (via Update Aggregate Stats by Project)
  7. Aggregate Completes is passed (via Update Aggregate Stats by Project)
  8. Once we are able to verify the criteria above, we will also ask that you reconcile at least one transaction (via Transaction Reconciliation) and update the status of the Project to COMPLETE.
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