4.1.4.Lookup Postal Code Questions By CountryID

Lookup All Supported Countries
Description Fetch the postal code targeting question and supported postal codes for a specific supported country. Currently, postal code targeting is available in US (1), CA (2), UK (3), AU (4), IN (6), DE (7), FR (8), ES (9).
Request URL Prodege Base URL + /lookup-postal-by-country
Request Method GET


Request Parameters
Parameter Name Parameter Type Description Required?
apik String Your API Key. Yes
request_date Numeric Timestamp in milliseconds (see Authentication). Yes
signature String The signature of your request (see Authentication). Yes
country_id Numeric The id that uniquely identifies the country (see Lookup All Supported Countries). Yes
Response Parameters
Parameter Name Parameter Type Description
return_status String The return status for this API call.
postal_question Array JSON string that holds the postal code question details.


postal_question Element Model
Property Name Property Type Description
category_name String The category of this question (e.g. Geographic Criteria).
question_id Numeric The id that uniquely identifies this question.
question_name  String  A descriptive name for this question (e.g. Zip US).
question_text   String  The text that is associated with this question (e.g. What is your zip code?).
postal_codes  Array List of supported postal codes associated with this question .
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