4.3.5.Project Settings - Update

Update Project Settings
Description Update a projects’s settings
Request URL Prodege Base URL + /project-settings-update
Request Method POST


Request Parameters
Parameter Name Parameter Type Description Required?
apik String Your API Key. Yes
request_date Numeric Timestamp in milliseconds (see Authentication). Yes
signature String The signature of your request (see Authentication). Yes
prodege_project_id Numeric The ID that uniquely identifies the project in the Prodege system. Yes
enable_max_clicks Boolean Whether or not max click logic is enforced. Either “true” or “false”, false by default. No
enable_max_clicks_allowed_clicks Numeric If max click logic is enforced, the number of clicks that will be allowed before pausing project traffic. No
enable_max_clicks_max_click_rate_id Numeric If max click logic is enforced, this sets the refill rate ID for clicks.

Possible values:

0 – Default
1 – Every 30 minutes
2 – Every hour
3 – Every 24 hrs.

enable_project_participation Boolean Enable inclusions or exclusions by project. Either “true” or “false”, false by default. No
participation_ids Array If inclusions or exclusions by project are enabled, comma-separated list of prodege_project_ids to include in the inclusion or exclusion. No
participation_status Numeric The types of transactions for the included/excluded prodege_project_ids that you would like to include in the inclusion/exclusion.

Possible values are 1 for click, 2 for complete, 4 for DQ, 8 for OQ (bit values that can be added together).

participation_filter_type Numeric The filter type, either inclusion or exclusion. Set to 1 for inclusion (default if not specified) or 2 for exclusion. No
cookie_dedup Boolean Block repeat entries by cookie. Set to either “true” or “false”. No
require_rvid Boolean Whether or not panelist quality verification via Relevant ID® is enforced. No
limit_panelists JSON Allow only specific panelists to enter survey. See JSON Examples. No
Response Parameters
Parameter Name Parameter Type Description
return_status String The return status for this api call
prodege_project_id Numeric The id that uniquely identifies this project

limit panelists Model

Property Name Property Type Description
limit_by String The type of the limit_ids. Possible values: panelist_id or transaction_id
limit_ids array The list of panelist or transaction IDs to limit for targeting
filter_type Numeric Possible values: 1 to include (default if not specified) or 2 to exclude


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