6.1.Real Time Pricing

Partners may provide Prodege with a webhook URL that can be called when a project is Paused by Real Time Time pricing since the max CPI is reached or when a project is set back Live since the required CPI is now lower than the max CPI. The webhook will be called in as close to real time as possible.


Real Time Pricing Webhook Parameters – POST
Parameter Name Parameter Type Description
data Array Details related to the Real Time Pricing event. See data elements model and example below.
signature String The signature of your request (see Authentication).
data Model
Property Name Property Type Description
event_id String The id that uniquely identifies the event.
event_time String The timestamp of the event (Pacific Time).
max_cpi String The current Max CPI saved to the project.
current_cpi String The current CPI of the project.
avg_cpi String The average CPI of all existing completes.
required_cpi String The required (actual IR/LOI based) CPI of the project that must be accepted in order to resume the project.
project_id Numeric The id that uniquely identifies this project.
bid_ir Numeric The bid IR saved for the project.
actual_ir Numeric The lifetime actual IR for the project (so far).
bid_loi Numeric The bid LOI saved for the project.
actual_median_loi Numeric The lifetime median LOI for the project of all existing completes (so far).
project_status String The status of the project (e.g. LIVE, PAUSED).

data example:

"event_time":"2023-02-06 13:42:01",

Expected Response

For this webhook, returning a success response (200) will indicate that the webhook has been received successfully. Returning a failure response (e.g. 500) will indicate that the webhook was not successfully received and the webhook will be tried again 3 more times: after 2 seconds, then 4 seconds, then 8 seconds.

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