4.6.1.Transaction Completion

Transaction Completion
Description Notifies Prodege that a panelist has finished a project, either successfully (by Complete) or unsuccessfully (by DQ or OQ) and redirects the panelist back to the appropriate Prodege end page.
Request URL Prod: https://www.swagbucks.com/prodegemr/transaction-completion

Staging: https://prodegemr.sbxdv.com/prodegemr/transaction-completion

Important Note for Redirects:

When redirecting users to this endpoint, as well as when making calls to any other endpoint, please be sure to utilize the secure HTTPS protocol. Using HTTP may lead to compatibility issues, especially on mobile devices, and is not recommended for a seamless experience.

Request Method GET (Redirect)


Request Parameters
Parameter Name Parameter Type Description Required?
apik String Your API Key. Yes
signature String The signature of your request (see Authentication). Yes
transaction_id String Transaction ID Yes
completion_type Numeric The status of the transaction. Set to 1 for Success, 2 for Overquota, 3 for Disqualification, 7 for Quality Termination. Yes


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