Trade Talk: Super Bowl productivity losses could top $4 billion with worker absences, distractions

News - January 30th, 2019

Of employed Americans who plan to watch Sunday's Super Bowl game, more than one in five likely will skip work on Monday, resulting in $2.64 billion in productivity losses nationwide.

When choosing a venue to watch the big game, comfort is the No. 1 criteria for Oklahomans (39 percent), followed by people, 28 percent, according to an online survey of 1,000 survey conducted by operated by Prodege LLC for Los Angeles-based Swagbucks rewards- and loyalty-program company.

In Oklahoma, the game-viewing drink of choice is beer over soda — 31 percent, compared with 26 percent. Oklahoma's favorite Super Bowl food is chili.

Oklahoma men mostly will focus on the game (80 percent) on Super Bowl night, while the best part of the night for women will be getting together with friends (55 percent).

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