As we know all too well, college takes up a lot of your money. Finals week starts tomorrow and you sit in the library having your existential crises. On your third coffee, you wonder how you can balance school, jobs and a social life. It seems impossible at times, especially when you feel like you can’t afford to go out or even buy groceries—other than ramen, of course. So what else can you do? Have a side hustle.

We receive emails almost every day to take a survey for this or that but with websites like Swagbucks or MyPoints, you can get paid to take surveys about online shopping and video games. Despite the cringy name, Swagbucks actually pays their survey takers very well. Just for signing up, you can get a $10 bonus. Then for every survey, you are compensated in “swagbucks” which you can convert into cash, gift cards or Paypal credit. They have a ton of different surveys so take ones that interest you, like about shopping, special offers, games or even searching the web. Using Swagbucks can effortlessly earn you money by giving your opinion. MyPoints works the same way in that you receive a $5 bonus for signing up. Options to earn money include taking surveys, playing games and watching videos. Why not get paid for sitting at your computer all day?

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