When you save on Disney gift cards, you save on your entire Disney vacation. You can use them for your Disney hotel, park tickets, food, souvenirs, and more. You can even pay Destinations to Travel and other authorized Disney travel agents with gift cards.

Some strategies for saving on Disney gift cards are simple, like a relaxing train ride around Magic Kingdom on the Walt Disney World Railroad. Some feel a bit more like waiting in line for Disney’s newest attraction. You know the payoff will be great, but you’re going to work for it. We want to give you three great ways to save on Disney gift cards at three different difficulty levels and let you decide which is best for you.

Best Buy sells Disney gift cards. If you purchase exactly a $100 Disney gift card, you can earn $9.50 in Swagbucks. And, you can earn between 1% and 2.5% in Best Buy Rewards. Add these together with a good rewards card and you’ll save around 12.5% on Disney gift cards.

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