News Post | November 2nd, 2015

7 Ways to Earn Extra Cash for the Holidays


Extra cash is always nice, but the holidays make supplementary funds especially necessary. If your regular monthly budget doesn’t allow for all the travel, gifts, decor, and party food you’d like to buy this season, you might consider ways to earn a little extra.

Need some inspiration? Here are seven ideas for earning side income — holiday style.

Spend Time Online for Cash

If you’re going to be online anyway, you might as well get paid for the things you’re already doing, like shopping, watching videos, and sharing your opinions. Sites like Swagbucks, InstaGC, and PrizeRebel offer free gift cards and cash for the aforementioned activities.

By joining one of these online rewards communities, you could potentially earn hundreds of dollars in gift cards by the holidays. When you buy retail items, airline tickets or hotel stays through the rewards site, you earn points toward gift cards or cash. Some sites also offer gift cards for completing online surveys.

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