This month’s publisher spotlight is not new to the affiliate space nor to TUNE. They are an “OG” publisher that has grown and developed many new technologies throughout the years. The Prodege you may have worked with five years ago is not the same Prodege of today.  

To help explain why, I spoke with Joshua Kopac, Prodege’s director of sales. If you’re wondering whether Prodege is the right partner fit for your brand (and they probably are) or how you’re missing out on new customer traffic, read on:  

Q: For readers who may not know about Prodege, give us a high level overview:   

A: Prodege is a diversified platform with an annual gross merchandise value (GMV) of $4 billion that connects marketers to our unique global audience of 120 million registered members along the path to purchase. We provide solutions for a diverse range of marketing needs: user acquisition, subscription growth and retention, app marketing, e-commerce, and shopper marketing, to name a few. 

Q: What are some of Prodege’s biggest developments over the past 1-2 years 

A: I joined Prodege in August of 2019 and have been impressed by the company’s upward momentum and the incredible work ethic of everyone here, from the executive team to the ad-op coordinators. One newer and exciting development has been ramping up our shopper marketing solutions. This has allowed us another valuable marketing mechanism to drive sales volume both online and in-store, while also providing our partners with valuable consumer insights into the “why behind the buy.”    

Additionally, recent acquisitions in 2019 and 2020 have increased our member reach by more than 50 million! Our most recent acquisition, Upromise, allows us to segment to a motivated group of savers with specific financial goals. I particularly think this audience will work very well with our fintech partners.  

Q: What are the top ways you promote brands?  

Prodege’s internal promotions team leverages our family of consumer brands to execute engaging promotions through various channels, whether it’s amplifying on social media to our active audience of over 12 million followers, paid placements through our site, or push notifications to consumers when they are on-the-go and near one of our partner stores.We understand the importance of reaching the right people and take pride in our unique audience of consumers who are naturally inclined to try new brands and products. 

Read the entire interview here!

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