Mobile apps can be a deal hunters’ dream come true—if you know where to look. Plenty of apps aggregate the best deals and coupons from around the web, but some actually reward you with your own points or currency, simply through engaging in things you’re probably already doing in the first place.

Swagbucks, a site and mobile app that doles out points to members just through online interaction, announced a new partnership with Coupons.com on Tuesday. This partnership allows you to earn points—known as Swag Bucks, fittingly—by making purchases at participating retail stores through linking a credit card to your account. You unlock these deals by launching the app on your smartphone and accessing a list of local stores nearby that are offering a Swagbucks reward. And it’s not based on buying specific items: Simply make a purchase of a given amount, and instantly earn Swag Bucks back.

You can also interact with Swagbucks’ app for Android and iOS devices, so you can earn credit while on the go. Like its website, you can watch videos, answer surveys, and discover new services through the app, and you’ll instantly earn Swag credit.

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