Need a credit score boost? Consider joining someone else’s credit card as an authorized user.
Authorized-user accounts show up on your credit report. When the primary cardholder has a solid history of paying on time and keeping credit utilization low that can add points to their score – and yours.
You might also be able to earn cash, points or miles when you spend. But, earning rewards as an authorized user doesn’t mean you’re automatically entitled to use them.
Here’s how to navigate the rewards waters as an authorized user.

Maximize rewards as an authorized user

While you’re checking out apps, be sure to look for ones that can help you maximize rewards on authorized user spending.

“Use tools such as Ibotta, MyPoints, Swagbucks or Ebates,” says Freeman.

These sites can offer cash or rewards on purchases, on top of what you’re earning with your card. Other sites to check out include:

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