For more than half of Americans, Black Friday is just another day. Last year, 56 percent of Americans stayed home on the big shopping day and over the weekend as well instead of hitting the shopping centers, according to a Consumer Reports Holiday Poll.

Eron Zehavi, co-Founder of Swagbucks, an online company that allows Web and mobile members to earn virtual currency by watching videos, searching the Web, playing games, shopping, and taking part in market research, says Black Friday still has appeal and sets the standard for holiday discounts, but its timing has changed dramatically. “Retailers now offer Black Friday prices as early as before Halloween, and online shoppers can find even better discounts and rewards from home,” he said.

Zehavi cited a recent Swagbucks’ study that illustrates the point. The research revealed that nearly seven in 10 holiday shoppers will make a major purchase long before Black Friday, with about 40 percent having done so before Halloween.

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