As ProdegeMR, a leading provider of high-quality survey sample in the United States, continues to expand in key markets across Europe, it is partnering with Lucid to access its unique Fulcrum distribution channel in the European market. Together, they will continue to provide market leadership for technology driven sampling solutions.
Since the launch of its UK office in January 2016, Lucid has been providing programmatic delivery of sample in the big 5 European markets (UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy) to the largest insight companies in the world. Lucid clients’ revenue in those markets has grown by more than 60% year over year, with more than three million interviews already delivered in 2017. Now, with the addition of Prodege MR sample supply across Europe, Lucid will further enhance its scale and capabilities in the European market, and ProdegeMR will leverage the popular Fulcrum platform solution as it continues to expand its sample supply throughout Europe from its offices in London and Berlin.
Patrick Comer, CEO of Lucid, said: “Lucid and Prodege partnered to bring high quality programmatic sampling to the US market back in 2014. Now through research automation, clients have access to more sample supply than ever before, which drives faster turn-around with better targeting capabilities. We and ProdegeMR look to achieve the same success together providing technology driven sampling solutions in Europe.”
Mendy Orimland, SVP, Revenue, of ProdegeMR, added: “We are excited to extend our partnership with Lucid into the rapidly-expanding European market, enabling additional access to our high-quality sample supply in the UK and other major European markets.”
About ProdegeMR:
ProdegeMR is a leading provider of people driven insights for the market research industry. Through diversified recruitment methods and a world-class consumer engagement model for over 28 million members, ProdegeMR delivers a more thoughtful approach to research. Their breakthrough model fosters member retention and ongoing participation. For more information, visit
About Lucid:
Lucid makes the unknown known. Its global consumer insights platform delivers market research sample and powers ultimate cross-media measurement software. Real answers from real people in real time. In EMEA, over 40 panel companies partner with Lucid to deliver sample in 30 countries. For more information, visit


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