On one hand, CBS will bring something new to Super Bowl LIII, with Tony Romo becoming the first game analyst to make his Super Bowl debut since Troy Aikman and Cris Collinsworth did it for Fox 14 years ago.

On the other hand, there is no more familiar network for the game to be on. This will be CBS’ 20th Super Bowl broadcast, the most of any network.

Among the many pregame features before the 6:30 p.m. kickoff will be one on the 50th anniversary of the Jets’ victory on Super Bowl III, including an interview with Joe Namath. Edited portions of a recorded CBS News interview with President Donald Trump will air during the pregame.

Soda has more swag

More than a half-century in, the Super Bowl has not lost the capacity to surprise us. For example . . . Among the off-beat public relations pitches that are as much a part of Super Bowl week as inane interviews was this wrinkle:

More fans’ top beverage choice Sunday will be soda than beer, according to a survey by “Swagbucks,” which describes itself as a “rewards and loyalty-program company.”

Its poll of 1,000 American adults indicated almost a third (32.3 percent) would opt for soda over beer (28.5 percent). The other 61 percent were divided among water (14.5), cocktails (7.4), wine (7.2), coffee/tea (6.5) and other (3.6). It is not clear what is left under “other.” Fruit juice, perhaps? Seltzer? Mead?

Another finding that might surprise you, but that is in keeping with other surveys over the years: Only 30 percent of Americans plan to host or attend a Super Bowl party; the rest intend to stay home and watch alone or with family.

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