What company doesn’t want to hire candidates who are highly skilled individuals at the top of their game? Once, words like “rockstar” and “guru” dominated job postings, painting a picture of companies seeking nothing but the cream of the crop. 

But dig a little deeper — does having an uber-talented workforce necessarily mean great progress?

To the leaders at Prodege, a leading online consumer-rewards platform, building innovative new solutions doesn’t mean relying solely on top-notch talent. The key to finding success is in how well these individuals work together. 

“One person by themselves — no matter how talented they are — can only do so much,” said Leibel Hecht, a lead software developer at the company. “When you’re siloed in your own environment, you aren’t really helping your teammates out — and they’re not helping you out.”

“Without teamwork, we wouldn’t be able to succeed.”

This belief is so firmly held at Prodege that “teamwork” is one of the company’s core values. And, according to employees, it’s a value that is instrumental to the company’s success. Stephanie Uzoho, a recruiter and human resources coordinator, said that the ability to easily collaborate with her peers has allowed her and her team to effectively act on common goals that move the company forward. 

“Without teamwork, we wouldn’t be able to succeed,” Uzoho said. “We all need to be on the same path with each other, which has become even more apparent during this unprecedented time of transitioning to a fully remote workforce.”

In theory, the concept of teamwork is straightforward: work together. But to effectively do that, there has to be a series of solid systems in place, intertwined with cultural behavior, business practice and everyday workflows. It also requires transparency, trust and accessibility. 

Three members of Prodege’s team — all from seemingly disconnected areas of the company — sat down with Built In LA to talk about what teamwork looks like in practice, how leadership has made collaboration possible and how it’s shaped the company culture. 

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