With all this time spent stuck at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, HQ Trivia would be a prime way to beat the boredom. Unfortunately, HQ went belly up in February, just before everyone had stay-at-home orders. While HQ has teased a potential comeback, there are other trivia games out there that are live right now. One of those brings the spirit of HQ Trivia back to our phones.

The game is called Swagbucks LIVE, and it’s among the last of the trivia games where you can still win money. That might be the most significant distinction since you’ll find plenty of trivia games crowding the App Store, but Swagbucks LIVE is one of the few results that will get you paid, just like HQ Trivia used to.

If you played HQ Trivia, you’ve played Swagbucks LIVE. Twice a day on Mondays and once a day Tuesday through Thursday, a Swagbucks host asks the audience ten trivia questions. You have ten seconds to answer correctly. If you do, you advance to the next question. If you don’t, you’re out of the running. If you make it to the end, congratulations! You’re the winner. If you’re the only one, the entire pot belongs you to. If multiple winners make it through, you all split the cash evenly.

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