‘Tis the season to be deceptive?

Almost half of Americans say their spouse or significant other does not know how much they spend on holiday shopping, according to a new study by online rewards platform Swagbucks.

The results of Swagbuck’s national survey of 1,000 U.S. adults, conducted online by Prodege in November, may have zeroed in on who the biggest spenders are: 85 percent of women said they do all of the shopping during the holidays, while 46 percent of men indicated they are the primary shoppers.

When it comes to how shoppers are assigning purchases to their holiday budget — or lack thereof — Swagbucks found that the most popular form of payment for Americans is cash or a debit card (72 percent). Credit cards (64 percent), gift cards (64 percent) and PayPal (27 percent) were also popular choices, with 44 percent of Americans typically using two credit cards during the holiday shopping season.

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