Prodege Webinar

Quirk’s Chicago Session |
Sept. 30

Supply chain interruptions: How to elevate the shopping experience and maintain consumer loyalty. | Room 2 | 11:15 am CT

Quirk's Chicago

Quirk’s Chicago Session

Sept. 30

Andrea Scheuerman, Senior Director, Client Solutions, Prodege

- The majority of Andrea’s 20+ years in consumer insights have been spent at top-tier suppliers including Nielsen, Numerator and Consumer Perspectives. Additionally, she’s provided her expertise to manufacturers like Nestle, Monsanto, Bath & Body Works and Monster Energy. At Prodege, Andrea is responsible for leading client services for our receipt-capture solutions and developing analytic solutions for our clients. She is passionate about using insights in a story-telling manner to help retailers and manufacturers uncover opportunities to sell more products to drive top-line growth.

Terrie Wendricks, Vice President, Shopper Insights, C + R Research

- Terrie Wendricks has 30+ years of experience in consumer and shopper insights. She leads C+R Research’s ShopperEyes® Division which leverages traditional and nontraditional methodologies to create solutions for manufacturers and retailers to address the challenges of today’s changing retail marketplace. Under her leadership, they provide a suite of flexible and customizable research approaches to help businesses along the shopper journey. Prior to C+R, Terrie worked for Hillshire Brands, Sara Lee, Kraft Foods, HJ Heinz and The BASES Group. Her passion is leveraging consumer, marketplace and shopper understanding to build brand strategy and communication, innovation, shopper marketing and category leadership programs.

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