The job market is increasingly going remote, and it’s not just adults who are benefiting from a virtual workspace. Many teens are also foregoing in-person positions and are instead pursuing job opportunities where they can earn from the comfort of their own homes. With gas prices going up and infectious diseases swirling all around, who can blame them?

“Teenage workers have an opportunity ahead of them this summer,” says AnnElizabeth Konkel, economist for recruitment company Indeed. “The labor market right now is very tight and that is an advantage for teenage workers.” Even better, Konkel reports that the company has noted substantial wage gains, “particularly in the last few months.”

There are a handful of credible survey apps where users can earn anything from gift cards to PayPal cash for their time. Swagbucks is one of those that pays teens for “doing everyday activities, from sharing video content, to answering trivia and questionnaires, to discovering new mobile games and apps,” says Andrew Robinson with Prodege, the parent company of

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