Summer may be in full swing but the new school year is fast approaching! After a tumultuous year that changed course frequently, we were curious to learn how parents were feeling about this upcoming school year, and what they are planning to do to prepare. 

For starters, two-thirds of parents indicate their child’s school will go back to fully in-person learning for the upcoming school year with four-in-ten (41%) saying their schools will have strict safety, mask & distancing protocols. Another 14% say their children will have a hybrid approach of in-person and virtual learning.

When it comes to back-to-school shopping, over four-in-ten (42%) plan to do their shopping both online & in store. Clothes, shoes & accessories emerges as the category parents will be most apt to spend more money on relative to last school year (36%). With the return to a classroom on the horizon for many, perhaps not surprisingly, desks and furniture for an ‘at-home’ classroom is the category where parents are most apt to spend less money than last year (31%).

But which retailers will be top of mind for back-to-school shopping? Walmart is a top destination for traditional school supplies and school-related technology purchases, with Amazon also a popular destination for technology purchases. Secondarily, parents will look at Target for these purchases. 

After much more time at home with their kids during the week, parents are most eagerly anticipating their children getting “socialization with their peers in person” when school gets back in session. Also making parents excited is the “return to a pre-pandemic schedule” (28%). 

But when it comes to the parents’ least favorite task during the school year, parents are divided. Most dreaded is either “getting the kids out the door on time” (21%), getting the kids to sleep at a reasonable time (20%) or  waking up the kids (20%). 

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