During the COVID-19 pandemic, many found it difficult to stay optimistic. Our client, Lisa W. Miller, however made instilling joy her mission during these unprecedented times.

Lisa W. Miller with her new book leveraging consumer sentiment research.

On Pivoting to a Passion Project With a Lasting Impact

Lisa’s new book, The Business of Joy (available on BarnesandNoble.com and Amazon) weaves in findings from the consumer sentiment research she’s been fielding with Prodege since the early days of the pandemic (57 Waves and counting). Specifically, this consumer research has helped to address the critical questions on the minds of business leaders to help inform their marketing and innovation strategies for the post-COVID world. When asked what compelled her to launch this research, Lisa expands “At the beginning of the pandemic, my business came to a crashing halt as did many other companies. A large part of my work is in retail, hospitality and research.  I had done a few projects with Prodege,  and then I heard about an omnibus that Kelly Palmer had started in March 2020.  What started as this small passion project turned into so much more.”

Lisa’s insightful “Journey Back to Joy” consumer sentiment research also captured the attention of many media outlets; to date she’s done over 200 media interviews, including NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt and regular features in The Wall Street Journal and Nation’s Restaurant News. In her own words: “It was through a lot of networking and in the early days, I think the media really appreciated focusing on joy during the pandemic – it stood out vs. what everyone else was talking about.” 

Interested in getting an ongoing consumer pulse on a timely topic like Lisa has been doing? We’d love to provide you with the engaged consumers you need to hear from and a team of experts to help you quickly obtain insights.

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