Having carved out an impressive career in market research, from which he derives “great satisfaction in providing valuable insights and information that empowers companies to make informed decisions about their future strategies,” Giuliano Carro brings his talent to the growing Prodege UK team. 

Prodege’s open culture, collaborative environment, and consumer engagement model, which makes it a standout company in the market research industry, are just a few of the qualities Giuliano appreciates about the company.

Learn about Giuliano Carro's passion for building strong client relationships and his belief in Prodege's unique consumer engagement model

Making It His Own

The opportunity to shape the role of Strategic Account Manager – a new one to the Prodege UK team – is one factor that excited Giuliano about joining Prodege.

In this role, Giuliano collaborates closely with clients to understand their needs and develops tailored strategies to drive their growth and satisfaction. He explains, “I am eager to leverage my experience with Prodege’s key clients and apply that knowledge in a more strategic and impactful manner.”

The Prodege Way

When it comes to ways in which Prodege stands out from other market research companies, Giuliano points to the company’s “unique engagement model.” He explains, ”Prodege focuses on attracting and retaining higher quality and more engaged respondents, ensuring that the data collected is reliable and representative. This commitment to quality enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of the research conducted through Prodege.”

Prodege's Strategic Account Manager Giuliano Carro discusses the value of Prodege's unique consumer engagement model.

HIITing the Ground Running

Though busy ramping up his new role at Prodege, Giuliano makes sure he finds time to indulge in various interests outside of work. “Spending quality time with friends and family is something I value greatly,” he says. From traveling and trying new restaurants to engaging in sports like high-intensity interval training (HIIT), tennis, and football, Giuliano stays active and enjoys the company of loved ones.

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