With the emergence of live trivia games, modern consumers love to be introduced to and interact with brands; old and new alike, but what about transforming that to in-store purchasing behaviors? The next generation approach to driving in-store purchases is Swag IQ, a daily live trivia game, with up to 100,000 users playing weekly. Swag IQ was introduced earlier this year as another engagement channel for Prodege’s leading reward platforms that have more than 50 million registered members. Developed in Silicon Beach, this daily trivia game has garnered over 786,000 downloads in the few months since its launch and is consistently trending as one of the top trivia apps.

Swag IQ players who answer individual questions correctly also earn points in the Swagbucks digital rewards currency, from which over $250 million has been paid out to Swagbucks members. And, in a novel twist, players can also use the Swagbucks rewards currency to rejoin a game after answering a question incorrectly, the value of which helps progressively increase the grand prize value.

This live trivia game show app and our interactive website introduces a truly immersive experience where brands are offered the opportunity to influence our daily users in-the-moment to a product or service via creative and flexible integrations. Our variety of hosts allow our partners to promote their products in unique ways; through video integrations, live product samples, or banner ads that splash across the screen with offer information.

Previous partners have been Proctor and Gamble, SC Johnson, Reynolds Consumer Products and Unilever. The goal of Unilever’s campaign was to drive combination sales in-store. We utilized a variety of placements and drove a 7% conversion rate from click to purchase. 27% of our members purchased at least 2 of the products that were offered in the campaign.

Our partner integrations result in excitement for our consumers and an improved shopping experience for our brands and advertising partners.  To learn more, go to playswagiq.com or download the app on the Apple or Google Play store.

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Katie Crockford

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