Holiday celebrations have just begun kicking off but there is still plenty of shopping time left to get your product in the hands of consumers and reach your holiday KPIs. According to our consumer insights from a few weeks ago, 60% of consumers haven’t started their shopping yet, which means there’s still time to get your offers seen! 

Believe us when we say we can get your campaign up and running in as little as 24 hours! Our team is well-equipped to handle campaigns with a quick turnaround. Just last month, a big box brand came to us looking to drive both sales and traffic for one of their new initiatives. That same day, we booked the project and began the creative process which included a launch of a newsletter to one of our leading consumer audiences. This campaign delivered a 12:1 ROI with 140k unique visits!

Additionally, we delivered a 625% average daily sales lift for a specialty retailer, within each category promoted across our platforms. This 8-week test plan not only exceeded our client’s initial request but they were left with little burden as our design team quickly handled all of the creatives that were needed to get this campaign up and running. 

When it comes to shopper marketing, we are always able to accommodate our clients with whatever they need, as soon as possible, making quick turnaround launches turnkey. 

Oftentimes, our shopper marketing campaigns over-perform or pace ahead of schedule, allowing our clients to use additional budget to continue exceeding their goals. 

For instance, after a major cleaning product’s campaign hit its intended flight time, our results showed an overperformance of their expectations, so they decided to turn the campaign back on. Our team’s nimbleness had the campaign back up and running in a few hours, with immediate results for the brand!

This scenario is common for many of our programs due to the variety of media placements we offer, including targeted emails, mobile notifications, banner ads, and in-store deals that result in an increase in engagement for our partners.

Take it from a recent campaign with a popular clothing brand. The overall goal was to drive at-home awareness, engagement, and sales both online and in-store without impacting margin, while allowing consumers to earn rewards. 

After doubling the initial investment with incremental funds, our team moved over 12k units, with just over half of purchasers citing they made a special trip, in-store, to take advantage of the offer! 

Don’t delay in getting your offer on our sites this holiday season. Take a look at our recent post that shares seasonal specific opportunities! 

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