If you attended Quirk’s East in Brooklyn this past week, you may have caught ProdegeMR’s Adam Portner and Sense360’s Eli Portnoy’s talk on How Mobile Behavioral Data & Survey Insights Create a 360 View of the Consumer. In this session, they shared groundbreaking information on a new way data can be collated using sensor technology.


Super Bowl study, Quirks event


Using ProdegeMR’s robust panel and Sense360’s new data collection technology, we can better understand a respondent’s location and activity to build a holistic view.

To demonstrate this, we decided to consider one of the bigger American events…the Super Bowl. We were interested in understanding how the Super Bowl affects grocery store behavior and how consumers stock up and prepare before the game.

Our technology allowed us to successfully execute real-time mobile surveys with respondents to gauge how they stock up before the big game, and view results in just a few short days.

The results we found were fascinating.

Do people who watch the Super Bowl stock up more than non-viewers? Yes, they do. In fact, they stock up 15% more often in the 30 days prior to the big game than those who did not watch the game. This tells us quite a bit about consumer’s tendency to stock up before the Super Bowl.

However, that doesn’t mean that everyone who watched the Super Bowl went to the grocery store more often. Our respondents who watched the game at a friend’s house or at home visited grocery stores at a significantly higher rate than those who didn’t. And interestingly enough, people who watched it in a restaurant didn’t have any spikes in grocery store visits, and those who watched at a bar went over 50% less often to grocery stores.

All of this was determined from mobile behavioral data from our respondents, which is a pretty innovative way to discover new consumer trends.

If you have a project and are looking for deeper, real-time insights, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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