As we come up on a year of many adjustments to our daily routines, how have fitness routines changed during these unpredictable months? We recently surveyed 1,043 Americans aged 18+ who exercise regularly to see how they are getting their endorphin fix.

Over six-in-ten indicate they do most of their workouts from the comfort of their own homes (63%), with fewer mainly exercising outdoors (23%), at a large gym (8%) or a gym in their office/apartment building (6%).

Those exercising indoors primarily work up a sweat doing workouts from memory or streaming them online (41-52%); secondarily, one-in-four rely on apps to power their exercise regimen.

While there may have been plenty of baking to occupy the extra hours at home, physical activity was also not overlooked. Over eight-in-ten indicate they have either been exercising “about as much” as pre-pandemic (48%) or “more often” (34%).

In addition to staying the course with exercise, as we approach the one year mark of the pandemic, did any other “silver linings” come from this trying period? We’ll delve into this topic in an upcoming blog post!


Bess Devenow

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