With Earth Day on the brain, is sustainability a key consideration when making everyday purchases? We surveyed 1,000 Americans aged 18+ from April 7-12 to understand how much of a role environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility play in their everyday decisions.

When evaluating which household brands and products (including groceries, toiletries and beauty) to purchase, over eight-in-ten consider sustainability to be “very” or “somewhat” important. Additionally, over six-in-ten (63%) assign similar importance to whether the company is dedicated to social and environmental change. Notably, both of these factors hold greater sway among females than males.

Further, our survey respondents identify environment and sustainability as the most important aspect of corporate social responsibility (42%, led by those in the West). Of secondary importance are company diversity & fair labor practices (33%) and charitable giving (20%).

As for corporate social responsibility initiatives in the workplace, those we surveyed are split between preferring to work for a company that gives paid time off to volunteer for a cause of your choice (51%) and one that gives an annual stipend to use for charitable donations (49%). Interestingly, some differences emerge by age/generation; six-in-ten of Gen Z/Millennials would prefer the time off to volunteer (61%), while the majority of Gen X and Boomers would prefer to make a donation with the click of a button (55%).

While environmentally sustainable products sometimes come with a heftier price tag, is this a deterrent among consumers? While 44% overall indicate they are willing to pay more money for products that are environmentally sustainable, the younger generations are more apt to be on board with this (52% of Gen Z/Millennials). 

As for companies and brands that stand out for their emphasis on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, on a volunteered basis, companies our panelists applaud the efforts of include Patagonia, Seventh Generation, Amazon, Ben & Jerry’s, and Walmart.

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