Pack it Up, Pack it In!

With summer on the horizon, will the warmer temps, flexible schedules & holiday weekends land vacations & staycations a spot on the agenda? If so, will Americans be traveling more, less or about the same? We recently surveyed 1,000 in the US to obtain timely consumer insights on their upcoming travel plans. Encouragingly, the majority indicate that vacations are in the cards this summer, with nine-in-ten indicating they plan to travel either more (45%) or about as much (45%) as last summer.

US Travel Plans: a Deeper Dive into Key Decisions

Driving will be the most popular way to get from Point A to Point B, followed secondarily by flying. As for lodging, by far, the most popular accommodations will be hotels (61%), followed to a lesser degree by family members’ homes, vacation rentals, and friends’ homes.

In terms of summer holiday weekends, those we surveyed are most apt to venture off on a trip over July 4th (26%), followed by Labor Day and/or Memorial  Day weekend (16-17%). Three-in-ten indicate they’ll be traveling outside of the holiday weekends.

Among those who have yet to finalize their summer travel plans, the main reasons for not solidifying their trips are waiting on the schedules of companions (41%) and gas prices (39%).

One-in-three (34%) plan to enjoy a staycation this year, a slight increase from the 30% who indicated they partook in one last summer.

New Season, New Wardrobe

With warm weather vacation almost here, what will consumers be purchasing to fill their suitcases? “New summer clothes” tops the list (48%), with one-in-five also planning to buy swimsuits & coverups (21%).

With the stage set for summer travel, we’d love to help you get your exciting travel offers in front of engaged consumers who are ready to lock in their itineraries. Reach out today so that we can help you!

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