I’m new to the market research industry. With a background in shopper marketing, experiential events, and packaging, I didn’t have a lot of insight into the market research industry. So I’ll admit, whenever I thought of market research, I usually thought of data, numbers, charts, and graphs – people deep in spreadsheets. Fortunately, I found the truth at ProdegeMR and realized that market research is much, much more than that. It shapes our future. And I’ve realized, what I didn’t think of regarding market research, was innovation.

What I’ve learned during the few months I’ve been here, is that market research has a huge impact in the way the world works. With the world constantly changing at a rapid pace, innovation is crucial for any industry, but specifically for market research. Without continuing to innovate new ways to collect data or reach audiences, there is danger of falling behind and not retrieving accurate information, and this information helps shape the future of our society.

I am proud to be a part of ProdegeMR, because our team understands this ever evolving space and realizes the importance of keeping up with present-day changes. And what’s more, is that we go beyond just staying on top of trends – we work to stay ahead and be at the forefront of innovation. The team here is constantly thinking of new ways to improve our approach to our respondents and client engagement.

My short time here has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities that I didn’t know existed. Utilizing a world-class team dedicated to account management and product development, we work together to understand the industry, and go above and beyond to tie it all back to our respondents. We make sure our innovations have a way to entice our panel of over 40 million respondents, ensuring their continued engagement in our tools.

Our advancements with in-the-moment mobile research and geofencing capabilities allow for instantaneous surveys, capturing user behavior and opinions as soon as they are thinking it. We no longer need to depend on our respondents answers as an afterthought, with the potential of forgetting important information.

And that’s not all. With the increasingly growing trend of mobile device use, we created a new multi-trivia app, known as Swag IQ. This app allows our members to answer questions and earn along the way. It has brought with it a big buzz within our panel, ultimately keeping them engaged and excited to continue providing quality data.

In the end, the future is technology and the future is now. The industry will continue to see advances in technology usage and real-time analytics. It’s an exciting time for the market research industry. We plan to continue influencing it, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Stay tuned for more posts on what we are doing to move the industry forward.

Reach out to us at talktous@prodegemr.com if you are ready to work with a company that stays at the forefront of the industry.


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