Advertising Research as an Important First Step

Creating an ad campaign takes a great deal of time, resources, and effort. Additionally, with so many existing options for placing your ads, it becomes important to conduct advertising research to understand where your ads are more likely to resonate.

We recently fielded an Advertising Reach and Influence study among 4,001 Americans to understand how frequently they view various types of ads and gauge the relevance and impact of the marketing messaging.

The types of ads those we surveyed were most apt to come across in the past month are: 

  • Video ads/commercials that interrupt your video or TV show (62%)
  • Sponsored content while scrolling through social media (50%)
  • Sponsored content or ads while scrolling through an online article or website (48%)
  • Billboards or signs while driving, walking, or taking public transportation (48%)

Which Types of Ads Are Engaging & Relevant?

Topping the list of ads our survey respondents “frequently” pay attention to are product reviews/unboxing videos (31%), followed by podcast or radio show hosts talking about a sponsored product or service (20%).

As for how relevant the ads they’re served are, product reviews/unboxing videos are most apt to be “always” or “sometimes” relevant/interesting (90%). On the flip side, pop up ads at the bottom of an online/mobile game are most likely to be perceived as “never” relevant or interesting (41%).

Our advertising research showed that 51% don't mind seeing relevant ads.

Half of those we surveyed strongly or somewhat agree that they “don’t mind seeing advertisements if they’re relevant to me.” However, Boomers seem to take extra steps to avoid getting relevant ads; nearly six-in-ten indicate “I am very careful about the information I share online so I don’t get targeted ads” (58% among Boomers vs. 44% among Gen Z).  

Nearly half (47%) strongly/somewhat agree that they “often see ads about products/services that I recently talked about with friends/family”, most prevalent among Gen Z (56%) and Millennials (52%). Four-in-ten also strongly/somewhat agree that advertisers “are getting better at showing me content that is relevant to me,” with Gen Z and Millennials again most apt to echo this sentiment.

Doing online research on a product or service they were exposed to emerges as the most common action our survey respondents took after viewing an ad in the past month (27%).

How to Get An Understanding of Whether Your Ad Will Resonate

Knowing the importance of ensuring your ad campaign is a success, Prodege’s Ad Effectiveness capabilities enable you to eliminate the guessing game and test your ad among your target audience to grasp whether it’s sparking your desired call to action. If you’d like to gauge the effectiveness of your ads, we’re here to help!

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