Is it any surprise that, in a country with an eagle for a mascot, Americans are eager to once again spread their wings and fly? In a recent survey of our members in the US, 48% indicated that they have either taken or booked a trip in the past three months. And with more and more of the population getting vaccinated and the world starting to open back up, that number is sure to continue to rise. The majority (54%) already indicated they are likely to book or stay in a hotel for pleasure in the next three months, and 36% say they are planning to book or take a domestic flight.

The current most popular mode of travel, however, proves to be by car, as 73% of those we surveyed recently  indicated they will likely be taking a road trip in the next three months.

With so many planning to jump on this bandwagon, there’s likely to be an uptick in car sales and leases. In fact, our recent consumer insights from those interested in upgrading their vehicle reveals that 64% anticipate doing this within the next year. Among this group, car buyers also show good interest in buying a Honda, Ford, or Chevrolet. As the past 15 months have shown us, many took the ability to travel on a whim for granted, so as the weather warms up and the school year winds down, travel related purchases (including vehicles) should be on the rise!

Looking to get in front of the right group of consumers as they gear up to make big purchase decisions? We’re here to help you!

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