Our integrated marketing campaigns, including digital media placements, targeted emails, and more, can catch the attention of job seekers looking to join the Gig economy. After all, we help generate thousands of drivers for Uber per year, a win-win for brands like you and our members!

Curious to find out what makes a gig worker tick? So were we!

The Gig Economy is Alive and Well

As the gig economy continues to rise in popularity, we reached out to our gig workforce and current job seekers to better understand what they look for.

Of those unemployed and currently looking for work, just 21% are only open to full time work. Of those remaining, 42% are open to both flexible work/part time employment and full time employment and 37% are solely looking for part time work.  

Gig Work Has Its Perks

When it comes to top perks at current jobs, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the majority (83%) agree on flexible hours and the ability to set their own schedule “as one of the best” or “a very good” perk. The ability to go on vacation whenever they want to is also high on the list for 68% of workers, as well as being their own boss (also 68%).

Job hunters currently open to part-time work desire flexibility, freedom, incentives, and bonuses. 

What keeps an independent contractor/freelancer showing up to their gig? The ability to set their own hours tops the charts at 78% with the chance to juggle work with household responsibilities following closely behind (74%). Not needing to be in the office is also high on the list.

Our network is one of the largest affiliates for the Uber Driver and Uber Eats Delivery Driver programs, among many others. Learn more about our solutions and how our integrated marketing campaigns can help you recruit new workers the way we have for other leading brands!

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