With the NFL and college football seasons kicking off soon, which tailgating trends are likely to score a touchdown among gridiron fans? Our recent survey of football fans breaks down this season’s game plan.

Entertaining & Football Tailgating Trends, Plans & Purchases

Among those who plan to attend at least one NFL game this season, seven-in-ten plan to tailgate. When it comes to college football, 64% of those who will go to a game have tailgating in their sights. Tailgating is more likely to occur outside near the stadium though some will pre-game at a restaurant or bar. In addition to snacks and drinks, coolers, folding chairs, tables, and portable grills will also play a crucial role in tailgating.

As for watching games at home, popular foods and drinks to savor include pizza, chips/dips, soda, nachos, beer, and wings. Around four-in-ten plan to spend at least $50 on food & drinks for each football game they’ll watch at home.

Football tailgating trends include a large spread of food.

Repping Local Teams or Rooting From Afar?

Two-thirds of NFL fans who root for a specific team indicate the team they pull for is within 100 miles of where they currently live or where they grew up. College football fans are a bit more likely to have a favored team that’s located further away (43% say “my team” is located more than 100 miles from where they live now or where they grew up).

Smells Like Team Spirit

Two-thirds of regular NFL watchers and 78% of college football viewers plan to buy team merchandise prior to the start of the upcoming season. Top items they’re interested in buying are team t-shirts, jerseys, hats and/or sweatshirts.

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