When it comes to an omni-channel solution provider that offers partners a flexible pricing structure, has a unique global network of shoppers, and provides white-glove service, the Prodege Network offers a customized approach.

The Prodege Network Difference

Consumers have more choices than ever before when it comes to shopping. That’s why the Prodege Network is the real deal when it comes to a seamless shopping platform that boosts conversions on offers while providing a strong partnership with clients. 

Because we leverage multiple stand-alone consumer brands and apps to fulfill a campaign instead of one website, our network is full of audience diversification with just a 22% overlap with other rewards platforms, making our consumers a dominant net new audience that is not active within other networks. Plus, 76% of our consumers are the Chief Decision Maker of their household – that means more influential eyes on your brand.

As an omni-channel solution provider, Prodege can promote to chief decision makers of households.

Our benefits as an omni-channel solution provider don’t stop there. When it comes to pricing structure, we run as an all-inclusive media fee with no need to pay for activation and redemption. And since we own the rewards currency, we can run offers with cash back, points, or SB, and will even increase the percentage of cash back to help move more units if needed at our expense. 

With so many brands to choose from these days, it can be valuable to understand the why behind a buy. Just last year, our members uploaded over 25M receipts, allowing for more data transparency for our partners. Our insights provided a deeper look into a shopper’s purchasing decisions, such as where and when they shopped, brands purchased, products purchased, quantities, and price. 

Mo’ Money, No Problem!

After influencing $4B in GMV for our partners last year without couponing, our track record proves we can help brands big or small. Our high-impact media placements provide upper-funnel tactics including live video, take-overs, targeted emails, push notifications, and more to hit your KPIs and increase conversion rates.

With a verified global network of consumers that have a proven spending history, our scalable platform allows our partners to drive brand growth and increase conversions any day of the week.

Interested in learning more about the Prodege Network’s benefits and how we can help your offers get seen by an active audience? Let us know by contacting us today!

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