In market research, it’s critical to ensure you’re getting actionable insights from the audiences that are most relevant to you. Prodege’s Verified Purchase Data solution is here to take the guesswork out of the equation. This omni-channel solution enables our clients to push both quantitative and qualitative surveys to shoppers of a specific retailer or buyers of certain products.

How? Hundreds of thousands of our panelists upload their in-store receipts and share their online purchasing.

For each shopper who uploads a receipt, we see:

  • Where they shopped
  • When they shopped
  • Brands purchased
  • Products purchased
  • Quantity of each product purchased
  • Price Paid by unit and total cart value
Verified purchase data helps you understand what consumers bought.

Our dataset continues to grow day after day – offering our partners the ability to gain access to recent purchasers, which allows for quick and timely insights!  

Prodege’s verified purchase data shrinks the proverbial haystack, enabling the following benefits to our partners:

  • Higher incidence rate and therefore a lower cost-per-incidence
  • Shorter field time, as respondents are pre-identified
  • Increased confidence in the insights with verified purchase behavior
Prodege can target verified purchasers by a wide range of criteria.

More and more of our active survey households are adopting our receipt upload feature,  meaning a growing receipt-validated respondent pool for our partners to access. 

Looking to reach a highly targeted panel of engaged members? Let us know how we can help!

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