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Behavioral Data

Prodege’s omni-channel shopper data provides visibility when you need it. With the where, when and what already answered, partners can get to the why behind consumer behavior and the path to purchase.

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How It Works

Integrating shopping data illuminates deeper insight to drive business action.

Why did Blake buy that cake? Isn’t he allergic to chocolate?

We know a lot about
our shoppers

Our audience is highly profiled with hundreds of demographic and psychographic attributes making custom segmentations or deeper analysis and future targeting a piece of cake.






Use our verified behaviors
to add confidence to results.

With a growing number of channels
involved in the Path to Purchase,

the customer journey has become
cluttered and complex.

We're here to simplify
the path to purchase.

Get Free Category Level Brand Insights

Power Your Insights
With Verified Purchase Data!


In Store

Member receipts indicate where they’re
shopping, location in store and what
they purchased

Invoice Invoice
  • Where they shopped
  • When they shopped
  • Brands they Purchased
  • Products they Purchased
  • Quantity of each product purchased
  • Price paid by unit and total cart value


Target consumers based on their
desktop website visitation

Illustration Illustration

Integrated purchase data gets you to the answer faster.

Have Further
Confidence in
Your Insights

Target surveys to specific audiences
of pre-qualified & verified shoppers
using receipt capture or geofencing.

Make Key
Business Decisions

Analyze shopper data on its own,
or alongside responses from a survey
or group of surveys, allowing you to make
key business decisions with confidence.

Field Shorter Surveys

With the What, Where and When
already determined, your survey becomes
more concise, which affords opportunities
to include custom questions tailored
to your objectives.

Keep an Eye on
Consumer Pulse

Leverage our always-on consumer
tracking to understand satisfaction levels,
category needs, brand strengths,
opportunities and overall brand performance.

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Our Team Supporting Yours

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Andrea S.

VP, Client Service - Data Solutions


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