While it’s exciting to yield meaningful results from your research, it can be challenging to present your data in a format that can be easily shared and clearly communicates the actionable insights to all key decision makers. Prodege put a lot of thought into how to solve this common problem and has introduced an innovative Data Visualization offering that can be tailored to your preferences and budget. 

If you’re pressed for time, you can leverage our team of experts to build a custom, branded solution that will ensure your data can be easily interpreted and shared widely. If you prefer to do the work yourself, you can choose from a range of engaging tables & charts and quickly create rich, editable PowerPoint visuals.

Since launching our Data Visualization solution, our partners have been incredibly impressed. In the words of one satisfied client: “Prodege has been a valuable asset in helping to prove BuzzFeed’s effectiveness. Combining the data, insights, and optimizations leveraged by our Media Operations team with the power of Prodege’s creative measurement tools enables us to analyze and report on the holistic strategy that contributed to results.  Prodege’s account team has been incredibly collaborative and forward thinking in ensuring our needs and timelines are met. The quick turnaround of results within the Data Viz platform has allowed us to better service our advertising partners in delivering valuable campaign insights. The self-serve platform gives us the flexibility to format and export in a way that meets our specific needs. Prodege has even gone the extra mile and customized the PowerPoint slides to use our unique color scheme and layout. We look forward to our evolving partnership and continuing to prove the ways that BuzzFeed’s media and content drives consumers down the purchase funnel.” 

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