Today’s consumers are all about sustainability and corporate accountability. Shoppers are quick to drop brands that are not behaving sustainably and favor brands that are making a climate justice pledge or plan to shift to all earth-friendly materials and carbon-neutral production and delivery. Even if companies aren’t there yet, a public promise and plan to get there over the coming years goes a long way toward winning and keeping consumer loyalty. 

In fact, our recent research found that 70% of our US adult consumers take sustainability very or moderately seriously and they have made changes in their purchasing behavior as a result. Of those remaining, about one-in-six (16%) of consumers state they haven’t made consumption changes yet, but they plan to start doing research about sustainable choices. 

70% of consumers take sustainability seriously enough to make changes in their behavior.

That’s why Earth Day is a great time to let existing and potential new customers know what you’re doing to support the environment through sustainability! 

What Can My Business Do for Earth Day? 

Even though Earth Day 2022 is just around the corner, it’s not too late to join the movement and publicly show your support. 

Here are some ideas. 

  • Have a public Earth Day message on social media channels. Even if you don’t have a grandiose pledge you can make, you can still tweet that we are #inthistogether and that you are committed to looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint.  
  • Attend or participate in a local Earth Day festival or event. You can feature a booth, or walk the event with a large entourage of friends and customers wearing banners or T-shirts for your company. 
  • Partner up with eco-influencers. If a supermodel or global pop star isn’t in your budget, check out the influencer platform Change Collective. 
  • Show off your business’ recycling or upcycling efforts. Do you recycle old sneakers or batteries? That deserves a major shoutout on IG. Do you buy back your customers’ old office equipment or jeans, and then resell them in store or online? Make sure everyone knows. 
  • Reward green behavior. Offering a 10% off Earth Day promo code – encouraging excess consumer consumption – might strike the wrong note with customers. Instead, how can you incent or facilitate customers to be on their greenest behavior? You can offer a percentage off for customers who bike or walk in, instead of driving, or ask them to donate their unused water bottles if they have extra, so that you can bring them to a charity!
  • Involve future generations. Can you invite kids to draw a picture or write a poem about Earth Day? And invite the public to vote for a winner? 

These are just a handful of ideas to mull over. However your business celebrates Earth Day, green moves are always good moves! It’s not a question of what consumers appreciate; being eco-friendly is what consumers now expect. 

If your brand is actively participating in Earth Day this year and looking for a way to spread the message and get your sustainable offers in front of engaged shoppers, we can help! And make sure you check out our latest post that shares some great actions our partners are doing to promote a healthy Earth. 

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